Saving the Mighty Susquehanna

August 18, 2016

CBF President Will Baker and Pennsylvania Media Coordinator BJ Small discuss the push to declare the Susquehanna impaired.

Photo © John Pavoncello/York Dispatch

Join CBF and our partners in urging Governor Wolf and the Department of Environmental Protection to consider the threat to smallmouth bass. Help us reach 5,000 signatures by August 31st.

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A Jurassic Gem

August 2, 2016

CBF President Will Baker talks with MarylandSenior Scientist Doug Myers about current efforts to save the AtlanticSturgeon, the Chesapeake’s endangered dinosaur fish.  Photo credit: iStock

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Seeding Our Future

July 19, 2016

CBF President Will Baker talks with Jackie Shannon and Heather North—experts from CBF’s Virginia oyster restoration center—about rebuilding the Bay's living water treatment centers.


Bullish on Blue Crabs

July 6, 2016

CBF President Will Baker and Fisheries Scientist Bill Goldsborough discuss the current state of blue crabs in the Chesapeake Bay.

Photo credit: Damon Fodge

This Bay Is Going to Set Me Free

June 21, 2016

CBF President Will Baker chats with Ray Langston, longtime resident and former mayor of Highland Beach, Maryland, a Bay-front community with a proud history and a bright future.

To tour the museum, call Jean Langston at 410-267-6960. Please call a day or two in advance. For more information about the Frederick Douglass Museum and Highland Beach visit

Photo: The Frederick Douglass Museum in Highland Beach, Maryland. Credit: Loren Barnett/CBF Staff


Beneath the Surface

June 7, 2016

CBF President Will Baker talks with underwater photographer Jay Fleming about hopeful signs that the Chesapeake Clean Water Blueprint is beginning to work.

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Photo courtesy Jay Fleming

Connections: Water Quality and Human Health

May 24, 2016

CBF President Will Baker and Virginia Executive Director Rebecca LePrell discuss the importance of good water quality in our rivers and streams and the Bay.

Photo © Copyright 2016 Miguel Angel de la Cueva/iLCP

Everything Including the Kitchen Sink

May 10, 2016

CBF President Will Baker and Virginia Outreach Coordinator Tanner Council gear up for CBF's 28th Annual Clean the Bay Day in Virginia.

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Photo by CBF Staff

Over One Million Served

April 26, 2016

In honor of Environmental Education Week, CBF President Will Baker and longtime CBF Educator Tiffany Granberg talk about engaging students, teachers, and adults.

Find out more about CBF's extensive environmental education program and how you can get involved.

Photo © Bill Portlock

Reaping Success

April 12, 2016

CBF President Will Baker and Restoration Scientist Rob Schnabel discuss the many benefits of planting streamside buffers on farms and CBF's efforts to help farmers make them happen.

CBF works with farmers throughout the watershed. Take a look at some of our efforts in Pennsylvania and find out more about the Maryland Grazer's Network.

Photo by Matt Earhart/CBF Staff