A Dose of Inspiration

May 23, 2017

CBF President Will Baker talks with Anna Pauletta—a student leader with a bright future—about agriculture, clean water, and the Eastern hellbender.

Find out more about CBF's Student Leadership program and the campaign to designate the Eastern hellbender Pennsylvania's state amphibian.

Photo by Loren Barnett/CBF Staff


Environmental Justice

May 10, 2017

CBF President Will Baker and Litigation Fellow Alayna Chuney discuss the importance of a healthy environment for all.



It’s All About Focus

April 25, 2017

CBF President Will Baker and Chesapeake Bay Commission Executive Director Ann Swanson talk about the Bay's tri-state, nonpartisan, legislative advisory body and some of its biggest successes to date.


Oysters Win, Trees Hold

April 11, 2017

CBF President Will Baker and Maryland Executive Director Alison Prost discuss the results of this year's general session, which wrapped up April 10, 2017.

Read more about this year's progress in Annapolis on our website.

Photo by Nikki Davis


A Different Model

March 30, 2017

CBF President Will Baker talks with aquaculturist Tim Hickey of Tangier Island Oyster Company about farming oysters on Tangier Island—how it works, why it's important to the culture and future of Tangier, and why Tangier oysters taste so good!

Want to find out more about the magic of Tangier Island? Watch Tim's TEDxRVA talk.

Photo courtesy of Tangier Island Oyster Company


ALERT! Proposed Federal Budget Cuts Bay Clean Up

March 16, 2017

In this special edition podcast, Chesapeake Bay Foundation President Will Baker and Vice President Kim Coble oppose and prepare to fight the proposed federal budget.

Take Action Now: Urge your senators and congressmen to stand up for clean water and a clean Chesapeake Bay--call, write, stop by their office. Find your legislators here.

Image © Michael Adams


Glass Half Full

February 28, 2017

CBF President Will Baker and Virginia Executive Director Rebecca LePrell talk about the progress made in this year's legislative session.

Learn more about CBF's activities in Virginia.

Photo by CBF Staff


The Incredible Oyster

February 14, 2017

CBF President Will Baker talks with Maryland Fisheries Scientist Allison Colden about the state of the Chesapeake native oyster.

Learn more about oysters and CBF's oyster restoration programs.

Photo courtesy Allison Colden


Trees: The Oysters of the Land

January 31, 2017

CBF President Will Baker and Baltimore Tree Trust Executive Director Dan Millender discuss the environmental, economic, and cultural benefits of trees.

Forested buffers are critical to the health of the Chesapeake Bay and our local rivers and streams. Learn more about the great work of the Baltimore Tree Trust and Baltimore TreeKeepers. Follow the Trust on Twitter at @Balt_treetrust.


How Is the Bay Doing?

January 17, 2017

CBF Vice President for Communications Elizabeth Buckman interviews President Will Baker about CBF's recent State of the Bay report.

Visit the State of the Bay website at cbf.org/stateofthebay.