Something’s Happening Here

August 15, 2017

In this episode, we bring you an inspiring speech that Congressman John Sarbanes addressed to students at CBF's 50 Forward event on July 15, 2017.

Find out more about CBF's 50 Forward event.

Photo by Alex MacLennan/CBF Staff


Knowledge, Bravery, Gratitude

August 1, 2017

CBF President Will Baker and Student Leadership Coordinator Megan Fink get inspired by the impressive work that the Bay's student leaders are doing.

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Rock On, Girls!

July 18, 2017

CBF President Will Baker talks with Hannah Herron and Taegan Duncan, two of more than 70 student leaders who recently gathered after week-long adventures in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia.

Learn more about the CBF 50 Forward student experience.

Image: Map of the five student teams' travels for 50 Forward.


The Snowball Effect

July 5, 2017

CBF President Will Baker talks with 90-year-old volunteer Walter Zadan about his valuable work supporting oyster restoration.

See our blog post about Walter's work with CBF and find out more about CBF's oyster restoration programs.

Photo credit Loren Barnett/CBF Staff


Pushing the Rock Uphill

June 20, 2017

CBF President Will Baker and Virginia Forever Chair Dennis Treacy discuss the power of businesses and environmental organizations working together for clean water.


Grasses = Crabs

June 6, 2017

CBF President Will Baker sits down with longtime CBF staffer Bart Jaeger to talk about the relationship between underwater grasses and the Bay’s blue crab population.

Watch the Back to Baysics: Underwater Grasses video.

Photo courtesy of Bart Jaeger/CBF Staff


A Dose of Inspiration

May 23, 2017

CBF President Will Baker talks with Anna Pauletta—a student leader with a bright future—about agriculture, clean water, and the Eastern hellbender.

Find out more about CBF's Student Leadership program and the campaign to designate the Eastern hellbender Pennsylvania's state amphibian.

Photo by Loren Barnett/CBF Staff


Environmental Justice

May 10, 2017

CBF President Will Baker and Litigation Fellow Alayna Chuney discuss the importance of a healthy environment for all.



It’s All About Focus

April 25, 2017

CBF President Will Baker and Chesapeake Bay Commission Executive Director Ann Swanson talk about the Bay's tri-state, nonpartisan, legislative advisory body and some of its biggest successes to date.


Oysters Win, Trees Hold

April 11, 2017

CBF President Will Baker and Maryland Executive Director Alison Prost discuss the results of this year's general session, which wrapped up April 10, 2017.

Read more about this year's progress in Annapolis on our website.

Photo by Nikki Davis