Let Science Be Your Guide

December 20, 2016

CBF President Will Baker and retiring CBF Fisheries Scientist Bill Goldsborough discuss the progress made using the science-based management of rockfish, crabs, oysters, and menhaden over the last decades.

Meet Bill Goldsborough on CBF's blog.

Photo by CBF Staff


Second Chances: People, Planet, Profit

December 6, 2016

CBF President Will Baker talks with Pete Theodore from Second Chance in Baltimore, Maryland, about the environmental and community benefits of diverting waste from our landfills.

Find out more about Second Chance at www.secondchanceinc.org

Photo by Rob Beach/CBF Staff


We Can Be Saved

November 22, 2016

CBF President Will Baker talks with Tangier Mayor James “Ooker” Eskridge about the Chesapeake Bay that has provided for his beloved island and now threatens to take it away.

See one of our Photos of the Week of Tangier Island and find out how CBF is helping find nature-based solutions to sea-level rise.

-Photo by Tom Pelton


Eating Local at Gertrude’s Restaurant

November 8, 2016

CBF President Will Baker and John Shields—cookbook author, TV chef, and owner of Baltimore's Gertrude's Restaurant—discuss the virtues of eating local in the Chesapeake Bay region.

Find out more about CBF's own local farm at cbf.org/ClagettFarm. Local resources for your own vegetable, meat, and dairy cuisine in the Chesapeake Bay region can be found at www.buylocalchesapeake.org.

Photo courtesy of Gertrude's Restaurant

Growing Up Tangier

October 25, 2016

CBF President Will Baker talks with 16-year-old Isaiah McCready about life on the Chesapeake Bay's historic Tangier Island.


Worth Repeating: Follow the Soil

October 11, 2016

(This episode originally aired September 1, 2015)

CBF President Will Baker talks with farmer, conservationist, and James Madison University Professor of Natural Resource Management Bobby Whitescarver about farming for clean water. Whitescarver's theory: If you take care of the soil, the soil will take care of you.

Bobby Whitescarver is a consultant, blogger, and retired field conservationist with decades of experience in watershed and wildlife habitat restoration. He is a frequent contributor to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation Blog.

Follow CBF's Farmers' Success Stories blog series on how farmers across the watershed are working to improve both water quality and farm productivity.


Future Farmers, Future Bay Savers

September 27, 2016

CBF President Will Baker and Student Leadership Manager Lane Whigham talk about a new program that provides conservation mentoring for future farmers in Pennsylvania.

For more information about CBF's Mentors in Agricultural Conservation program, contact Lane Whigham at lwhigham@cbf.org.
Photo by CBF Staff


The Sweet Spot

September 13, 2016

CBF President Will Baker and Vice President for Environmental Protection and Restoration Kim Coble discuss a new approach to reducing pollution in Pennsylvania.

Find out more at cbf.org/PApriority

Susquehanna River pollution, York County.
Photo by John Pavoncello/York Dispatch


Danger: What’s in Your Local Water?

August 31, 2016

CBF President Will Baker talks with Assistant Director of Media Relations Tom Zolper about results from this year’s bacteria testing in swimming areas around the watershed.

Read more and see the data at cbf.org/bacteria

Photo by BJ Small/CBF Staff

Saving the Mighty Susquehanna

August 18, 2016

CBF President Will Baker and Pennsylvania Media Coordinator BJ Small discuss the push to declare the Susquehanna impaired.

Photo © John Pavoncello/York Dispatch

Join CBF and our partners in urging Governor Wolf and the Department of Environmental Protection to consider the threat to smallmouth bass. Help us reach 5,000 signatures by August 31st.

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